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Positive Affirmations | Anxiety & Stress | 528 Hz | Mp3

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Positive affirmations for anxiety stress in is now available here with single line affirmation at 528 hz. Single line positive affirmation I am cool and calm with double induction helps in changing the thought pattern.

When anxiety stress attack happens you can say to yourself I am cool and calm. This positive affirmation help in pulling you out from past or future thoughts. Positive affirmations is like auto suggestion. Most of the time when one thinks negative thoughts it is negative affirmations. Changing thinking pattern is key and hence positive affirmations helps a lot in developing new habit of thinking positive. 

This double induction positive affirmation is designed with 528 hz. Use headphones for better result. Keep volume 2-3 points lower for safety. 

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Audio MP3

30 Mins

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Positive Affirmations Usage Guidelines
  • Use Headphones while listening
  • Keep volume 2-3 points lower 
  • Select a relaxing place and sit/lie down
  • Feel your breath and close your eyes

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