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Gift Affirmations | Pack of 3 customised affirmations with first name | Mp3

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In this tough time speak to your near and dear ones that you are with them. Send them positive thoughts, blessings, vibrations and energies. With then also gift them positive affirmations.

Step 1 - Email us 3 first names of your near and dear ones whom you want to gift positive affirmations.

Step 2 - Once we receive 3 first names we will begin recording affirmations with the names you have sent us.

Step 3 - Once our recording is done we will send you 3 MP3 files.

I am safe and secured
You are safe and secured
(Name) is safe and secured

I am safe and secured
You are safe and secured
Naveena is safe and secured

Product Delivery
4 working days after we receive payment and upon receiving 3 names

Name List Email

Email Subject
Gift Positive Affirmations - Name List

Payment Receipt
Attach payment receipt in your email. Without this we wont be able to process your request.
You will get a MP3 (7MB) file