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Change mood instantly music therapy is for those who have mood swings issue. Change mood instantly by listening to this music therapy during mood swings. Sustaining positive mood in tough times or with rough situations seems difficult. Our mood swings are dependent on various factors such as sleep, food, emotions, environment and situations. 

Change mood music therapy music pill has therapeutic effect when we listen to it 3-4 times a day. Whenever you feel that your mood is down or you need to change your mood, come back to change mood music therapy music pill. Follow the instructions given at the beginning of change mood music therapy music pill. 


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Audio MP3


After Purchase Guidelines
  • Your Audio Mp3 file will be sent to your email ID.
  • In case you do not see any email please check your spam box.

Music Therapy Usage Guidelines
  • Use Headphones while listening
  • Keep volume 2-3 points lower 
  • Select a relaxing place and sit/lie down
  • Feel your breath and close your eyes

Safety Guidelines #MusicTherapy
Music pill is not for entertainment or fun, it is a music therapy. Hence, use it for the purpose of self-healing, self-inspiration and self-knowledge. Music pill is based on Sound and Instrumental Music Therapy which can be used as Meditation Music or Relaxation Music.
  • Never listen to this music therapy in high volume
  • Never listen to this music therapy while travelling or driving 
  • Avoid listening to this music therapy in normal speakers as it is designed for headphone with left ear and right ear special effects

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